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Version 2 crossover update

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      03-18-2009, 09:58 PM
I got the update put in today. I already had the 2.14 firmware update from
the Magellan web site but it wanted to install it anyway, so I let it. After
installing it the 2.36, I believe that was what it said, it installed. The
V2 update was worth it. It no longer calls the road in front of my house by
the highway it connects too, one place in Illinois I was going to go to only
went to 99 on the house numbers so the Motel house number didn't show. No
big deal just get on the road and drive to it from the last house number and
start looking for it. Well its up to 199 now! So there are updates in it. If
your wondering about it, stop wondering just get it, JMHO.

Its still on sale on Magellan's site for 55 bucks.

Or buy it from

for $69.99 like I did, sigh,,,,I looked at it on Magellans site the same
night I bought it 10 bucks cheaper on autonavdirect. Then the next night I
found it on magellans site on sale for 55 bucks. I called autonav for there
price guarantee and they said it was shipped they could not credit me the

I started out with nothing, and
I just about have that paid for.

"Make yourself sheep and the wolves
will eat you." -- Benjamin Franklin

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