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  38. Enter Google; Exit Microsoft, Stage Left
  39. MLR Files Position representation
  40. Microsoft MapPoint 2010 (Review)
  41. Has anyone tried Qctviewer (memory map charts) from iPhone appstore?
  42. Has anyone tried Qctviewer (memory map charts) from iPhone appstore?
  43. gps cable length extender?
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  70. tracking a vehicle
  71. "Europe officially launches EGNOS as open and free service"
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  75. Will it be long before this sort of thing does away with TomTom etc ?
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  77. Re: Navigon iPhone GPS
  78. Geo/GPS Track Utility for all Windows-based Devices
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  81. geotagging / logging recommendation?
  83. How to Create a user.poi file thatworks in an ASUS R300
  84. Help! I've just been given a NaMan iCN 530 but without discs, they were lost or discarded as the previous owner did not have a PC!
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  89. nuvi 255 geotagging or another solution?
  90. 150 Years Ago - GEOMAGNETIC MEGASTORM: Northern Lights swept overCuba and Hawaii
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  93. looking for GPS tools for programming
  94. WAAS, NMEA, and DGPS
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  97. Thinking of a new tomtom.
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  101. Sales Reps & GPS
  102. Geocaches Near Me
  104. 'Location-Based' Services in a mobile environment survey
  105. nuvi 765T is $280 at Costco.com
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  108. The Coast Guard Navigation Center is currently experiencing a phoneoutage
  109. Offline GPS App for Blackberry
  110. Where to buy GPS logger like Royaltek RGM 3800 in USA
  111. TomTom Go 530 Car GPS Receiver with Traffic module
  112. High-Integrity GPS, or iGPS, Advances
  113. POI include wifi hotspots?
  114. Google Friends Connect
  115. status of GPS ??? (enabling WAAS on adapt keychain pro)
  116. The chicken and the Harley.
  117. circuitderando.com : Exchange GPS files
  118. sometimes a SatNav isn't a SatNav. Sometimes it's an imprisonedsoul trapped inside a metal box
  119. "adapt Keychain Pro" GPS logger and linux or Mac
  120. Garmin CN Australia 2010.1
  121. Fuel economy experiment
  123. GPS maps on netbook XP
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  126. USTR Report to Congress on U.S. Equipment Industry,Access to theGalileo Program and Markets
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  128. Cause Identified for Pseudorange Error from New GPS Satellite SVN49
  129. Another GPS error?
  130. Rinex from garmin
  131. NEWS from the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM)
  132. Car navigation unit
  133. New PC GPS navigation software launched: Navmii by Geolife
  134. garmin 765 vs. magellan 4370
  135. Analyses of a Drop in GPS Satellite Numbers
  136. Air Force Polls Receiver Makers for Solutions to Satellite Problems
  137. Finally, the GPS manufacturers realize a common power supply is the right approach
  138. New Jersey Could Ban Manual GPS Devices in Cars
  139. Who can GPS a sprint phone with the settings off?
  140. SVN49 Issue
  141. GPS Receivers for GIS Data Collection
  142. Free GPS Software for Windows Mobile & Palm
  143. Sat-Nav query
  144. Does navigation software have a future at Microsoft?
  145. You will pry my cold dead fingers from Streets and Trips
  146. Mexico map coverage in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 vs. 2009
  147. Garmin 750: Anybody Used It For Paddling?
  148. Poi for Greece
  149. GPS problem these days?
  150. GPS - Lane Assistance
  151. RINEX fundamental
  152. Re: Tomtom for iPhone
  153. GAO Report: The Long Form; my thoughts
  154. Clarification of Parkinson Remarks on Block IIF
  155. GPS receiver with USB connection, any recommenations?
  156. Navteq tells people where speed & red-light cameras are. Good idea? Bad idea?
  157. Beware: Ecco keyfob GPS cable
  158. Synthetic Aperture GPS Signal Processing
  159. Block IIF: Follow-on, or Failure?
  160. GPS not in danger, USAF has 10 spares plus 4 not even being used. Curly just likes to lie about George Bush, typical liberal.
  161. GPS not in danger, USAF has 10 spares plus 4 not even being used. Curly just likes to lie about George Bush, typical liberal.
  162. GPS not in danger, USAF has 10 spares plus 4 not even being used. Curly just likes to lie about George Bush, typical liberal.
  163. Microsoft Streets & Trips anyone?
  164. Best 5 GPS Navigation Systems
  165. GPS Modernization: L5 Signal First Light (PDF)
  166. Parkinson Prescribes Remedy for GAO Report Alarm
  167. Surveyors will be hit hardest by the SVN 49 L1 anomaly
  168. Re: Liberal loonies think GPS is at risk, not so.
  169. GPS not in danger, USAF has 10 spares plus 4 not even being used. Curly just likes to lie about George Bush, typical liberal.
  170. Cannot find addresses
  171. Water under screen, Magellan Crossover
  172. Why different type of atomic clocks used ?
  173. Sanyo NVM-4370? Any good?
  174. RePost: GPS at Risk: Doomsday 2010
  175. Ferrari GPS Navigation Traffic Assist Pro Z250
  176. Custom POIs and Strip Clubs
  177. Eye4Software Released GPS SDK
  178. Cable Pinout
  179. Adhesive for Nuvi Suction Mount?
  180. Looking for Eclipse update disk MDV-79D
  181. Problems with GPS SVN49/PRN01
  182. Using Your Nuvi On The Golf Course
  183. GPS at Risk: Doomsday 2010
  184. GAO Report puts 2010-13 performance of GPS in doubt - real?
  185. Looking for new system
  186. for poi's which is better,,,garmin or google maps
  187. Latest Compass Satellite Lost, then Found
  188. Department of Transportation Releases Civil Monitoring PerformanceDocument
  189. New GPS Satellite's Problems Indicated - Block IIRM (20)
  190. Re: Jakohihna Mazda 323 1,5 familia BA 1996
  191. FA: Precision GPS Time Video Overlay Unit
  192. garmin gpsmap can't find addresses
  193. 3 New Garmin nuvi Help Articles Posted
  194. accurate gps
  195. Garmin Nuvi Tricks and Tips
  196. Google Earth Question
  197. Remember that recent satellite collision?
  198. Garmin City Navigator 2010
  199. FA: Garmin GPSMAP 195 GPS Receiver Aircraft Aviation
  200. FA: Garmin GPSMAP 295 GPS Receiver Aircraft Aviation
  201. Buying 1st help decide Garmin Oregon 200 or DeLorme Earthmate-40
  202. Webmaters, add your GPS-related site to my resource page
  203. Saving routes and reusing them?
  204. Garmin Oregon series: 300 or 400t ?
  205. FA / LOWRANCE iFINDER Expedition C With RAM Vehicle Mount
  206. Twitter now with automatic Locations: how to add your position to Twitter...!
  207. PoiShare->public enriched maps: add your neighbourhood!
  208. Accelerometer Calibration Methods
  209. Microsoft lowers Streets & Trips price, new GPS included
  211. Garmin Topo Great Britain V2
  212. RTK Networks: The Wild, Wild West
  213. GPS STATUS 02 APR 2009
  214. FA: GPS Video text overlay units and receivers
  215. Garmin 60CSx or Magellan Triton/2000 for thick forest?
  216. Microsoft - TomTom settled
  217. MIO C250 PLUS
  218. Any ideas how to use a retail GPS receiver in a forest?
  219. 765t with lane assist and bluetooth
  220. IIR-20(M) Satellite with L5 Civil Signal Successfully Launched
  221. TomTom Go for £50
  222. GPS/Cell Tower Phone Tracking
  223. Looking for open-source GPS L1 CA positioning
  224. egnos on garmin nuvi 255T
  225. Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro Z250 - Bluetooth , Mobile
  226. Navigon FreshMaps
  227. Anyone have the 5.8" Pioneer unit?
  228. Great Garmin Service.
  229. New universal car mounting solution for tablet PC, UMPC, and netbook
  230. Text on Nuvi
  231. MIO MOOV 300 POI question
  232. Hema Navigator
  233. Lockheed Martin GPS III Team on Schedule in Design Review Stage
  234. Sony no longer making GPS units
  235. When will the insanity end?
  236. The perfect GPS (for my car)
  237. zoek kaart van Duitsland voor TT6
  238. Openstreetmap
  239. Need good car GPS solution
  240. Lake District
  241. Garmin/TrackMaker Map Background
  242. Garmin GPS at Amazon
  243. GPS recommendations?
  244. GPSMAP 76Cx - A killer deal at Amazon
  245. U.S. Departments of Defense, Transportation, and Homeland SecurityRelease 2008 Federal Radionavigation Plan
  246. Lucky Number Five (L5)
  247. Simple Overview -- General Relativity in the Global Positioning System
  248. Was: Smith Chart Tutorial - Should be: Potter Blustering about GeneralRelativity in GPS
  249. How often should the GPS be updated?
  250. Free “Hacking GPS” ebook